What responsible gambling tools are available on the website?

To help you play responsibly and safe, NorthStar Bets offers several tools you can use to ensure that you’re always playing within your means:


Setting limits allows you to maintain peace of mind and make sure gaming always remains fun.

  • Deposit Limit – this tool helps you keep control of the funds you deposit on your account on daily, weekly and monthly basis, ensuring you are always playing within your budget.
  • Loss Limit – winning and losing are part of the gaming experience, the loss limit will always ensure that you remain within your budget. Just like deposit limits, they can be set on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis.
Other Tools
  • Time-out – a helpful tool if you want to take a step back for upcoming important events you need to focus on or take a small break from gambling. Once in place, you will be unable to deposit or play on the website, however, you will still have the opportunity to access your account and chat with us if you need to.
  • Self-Exclusion – this tool is used in more serious cases, where a customer may feel that their gambling has reached a level they are not comfortable with or they’ve exhibited signs of gambling related harm.
    It can be set for a period of 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. Once in place, you will be unable to login on the website or set up new accounts with us.

In the case of "Time-out" and "Self-Exclusion", the tool cannot be removed prior to the expiration of the set period.

Using tools from the account menu

You can also directly use any of our Responsible Gaming tools by logging in to your account and clicking on "My Account" section on the website. This will open your account overview, where you can select "Responsible Gaming" to see a menu containing all the tools at your disposal.

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