I have trouble registering on the site

If you are experiencing problems with a new registration, maybe you are encountering one of the following reasons why your attempts are not being completed:

  1. Your internet connection is not stable and the page gets disconnected. Additionally, please make sure that you have pop-ups enabled on your browser. We highly recommend using Google Chrome for both the registration process and gameplay activities.
  2. If you are using VPN or proxy services while creating your registration this may lead to block of your account. Registrations are only allowed from the territory of Ontario.
  3. You already have an account with the NorthStarBets.ca. You can only have one account active.
  4. You are trying to register with contact details which already exist in our database. Remember that the email address is a unique login detail of yours.

For other technical issues, please make sure to check our Technical Help section or contact our Customer Service Team.

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